Odessa port is processing the first batch of oil from the United States this year

The first tanker with American oil entered the Odessa Sea Port in 2020. This was reported by the press service of the port administration.

According to the report, the Minerva Kythnos tanker (flag – Greece) with 80.5 thousand tons of Bakken oil was delivered to the port 2N berth on Wednesday, March 25.

The vessel was loaded at Port Neches (USA, Texas) on February 27. The cargo is intended for processing at a Ukrainian enterprise – the Kremenchug refinery.

According to the press service, another oil tanker is expected to approach in late March, this time with Azerbaijani oil. The Sea Jaguar vessel (flag – Marshall Islands) with 83.7 thousand tons of Azeri Light was loaded last week in the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

“For port workers in this situation, it is important that any batch of crude oil that enters Ukraine comes to the Ukrainian refinery, this is an additional argument for maintaining the competitiveness of the domestic producer. Ukrainian refineries process mainly raw materials mined in Ukraine. When it is not enough, the plants are loaded with imported oil. In 2019, for example, shale oil was first purchased in the United States. In total last year, the Odessa port accepted three tanker shipments of American oil, with a total volume of 250 thousand tons. We hope that this year the volume of this particular freight traffic will not be lower than last year, ”said Ruslan Sakhautdinov, head of the Odessa port administration.

Odessa Sea Port is located in the southwestern part of Odessa Bay. The number of cargo berths is 31, the length of the cargo berth front is 6.291 kilometers. The port employs KTO subsidiary, Brooklyn-Kiev LLC, MetalZyukrain Corp. LLC, Novolog LLC, Olimpex Coupe International LLC, Novoteh-Terminal LLC, UNSK LLC, and Odesa GPZKU PJSC grain terminal ”and other port operators.

In 2019, the Odessa Sea Port increased its cargo turnover compared to 2018 by 16.8% – up to 25.343 million tons. The share of the port in the cargo turnover of the seaports of Ukraine amounted to 15.8% compared to 16% in 2018.


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